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Mission Avenue is where the creatives who don't sleep live. Creatives from the ave are AGENTS. Whether it's for photos, music, dance, or art, the agents of Mission Ave are constantly on a mission to succeed at the task ahead.

Creatives from the ave are GENIUSES. Geniuses are people who not only display impressive intellectual abilities but who also demonstrate exceptional productivity, originality, and spectacular creative stamina. Creatives from the ave see no other option in life but to pursuit what their heart desires creatively by any means necessary. We at Mission Ave are not just Dreamers, nor just Doers, but Students as well.
We FAIL. We LEARN. We Commit. We Succeed.
If you love to create art of any medium, you're welcomed on the ave.

We are Mission Ave.

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Flythe | Agent 001 | Founder

Flythe was born and grew up in West Philadelphia until he was 19. He grew up drawing with inspiration by cartoons, anime, movies, and his imagination.

He would later discover the art of writing rap songs with inspiration by the likes of Kanye, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake, and other rap artist of the 2000's era.

After being kicked out of his first choice of schooling, he stepped back for a year to pursuit the art of tattooing. A year later, an unrelated opportunity to leave Philly for Los Angeles had presented itself.

Following the relocation to Los Angeles, Flythe moved on from tattooing but enrolled in college once again. This time, knowing what he wanted to focus on: Drawing.

Mid-way through college, Flythe sub-focused on music and decided to try his hand at making a career out of it. From that point on, his creative life had evolved into a versatile hustle and balance of talents.

Fast forward until now and the mission continues as Flythe demonstrates his genius through his craft and inspire others to do the same.

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